Who am I and Why am I Blogging?

My Family

My Family

I teach 8th grade math and I am the mother of five amazing children.  I teach at a small school and I am the only 8th grade math teacher there.  I miss the ability to collaborate with other teachers who are teaching the same material that I am.  So, I read a lot of blogs and spend a lot of time on-line looking up ideas.  During this quest I found the MTBoS challenge and decided to try it.  Challenge number one is to start a blog and here I am.

I currently teach six classes a day.  Three are regular 8th grade math.  We just started using the Carnegie Learning materials (just the textbook, we couldn’t afford the computer software).  The other three are a honors algebra class, a remediation class of eleven students (both 7th and 8th graders), and one small group class of five students.  I would love to hear from other teachers who teach from Carnegie Learning materials.

At home I have five children ages 7, 10, 12, 13, and 14.  Although I am a middle school teacher and deal with teenagers all the time, I am finding with my own children, the teenage years are sometimes tricky.



5 thoughts on “Who am I and Why am I Blogging?

  1. Like you, I’m also the only Math 8 teacher at my school, though we call it Pre-Algebra. I’m afraid I can’t help with the Carnegie Learning materials. Do you teach in Virginia or were you just visiting Williamsburg in your picture?

    • What materials do you use? We are only piloting Carnegie so I am still on the look out for other materials if we don’t like Carnegie. I live and teach in Connecticut. We were visiting Williamsburg on vacation this summer.

      • Officially, we have the Prentice-Hall Pre-Algebra books from 2004. While I do check them out to students every year, I never work directly out of them since they’re now out of date for the state curriculum and I was never a fan to begin with. I get most of my resources and ideas online, which isn’t a terribly helpful response.

  2. Hi and welcome to blogging! I am the only 6th and 7th grade math teacher at my school as well! That is why I love the #MTBoS so much! I have three children, and I always tell everyone that teaching is the easiest part of my day. So glad I’m not alone. 🙂

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