SBAC Testing Craziness

Testing is almost here and I am grappling with two questions:

  1.  How do I review with the kids to make it meaningful and engaging?
  2. What do I have the kids do on the days we are testing math and I have a substitute in the room?

Here are my solutions so far, let me know what you are doing to solve these two problems.

  1.  I have found a variety of game based review activities.  Many of them are on tpt.  Here is the list:
    • Bingo Chip Review using problems from Kuta Software.  I love that I can turn on the multiple choice feature to make as many multiple choice problems as I need.  The game directions are from Math=Love blog here:  Place Your Bets
    • 8th grade Bingo review based on strand:  8th Grade Math Review Bingo  Made by Free to Discover.
    • I will use a few of the ideas from this site:  8 Student Approved Ways to Review from Jennifer Findley at Teach to Inspire.
      • I think I will use the gallery walk idea as well as the dress-up activity.
  2. I am going to try to use coloring page notes.   I found them on tpt by Math Giraffe.  I think this will help them review material while still relaxing after taking the high stakes tests.

What are your solutions for this crazy end of year testing?