Minecraft Birthday Party

I know this is a blog about my experiences teaching math but I had a birthday party for my thirteen year old and I just wanted to share what I did in case anyone else wants to do a similar party.  First of all, I scoured the web for ideas.  Everything I did was not an original thought but an adaptation from someone else’s wonderful idea.


We created 3D models of some of the characters from minecraft.  I found the printables and great directions at this website:  http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Ultimate-Guide-to-Minecraft-Papercrafts/#step1  I had my 13 year old make them himself which saved me some time and he had fun doing it.


I used cake, rice crispy treats, and jello for the cake.  I made the jello like jigglers with very little water so it would stay together.



For the food table I created cards to label the food with minecraft names.  I used pictures from this website:

Here are the cards that I made:
Food 1 Food 2 Food 3
I just printed them out on cardstock, cut them vertically, and folded them so that they would stand.
Food Table

Here is the food we used:
Cookies:  Cookies
Bread:  Croissants
TNT:  Twizzlers
Carrots:  Carrots (with ranch dip)
Sticks:  Pretzels (with nutella to dip)
Raw Salmon:  Swedish Fish
Gold:  Rolo’s (could also use the hershey’s chocolate that is wrapped as gold nuggets)
Spiders Eyes:  Red Hots
Spawn Eggs:  Egg shaped candy (I forget the actual type but any kind would do)
Drinks:  Sprite because it was green, if I had more time I would have labeled it with a creeper face.

For the thank you gifts we printed a treasure chest and filled it with m&m’s.  Here is the file:
Treasure Chest Goodie Bag

The kids had fun running around and playing with nerf guns.  They had to be dragged in to eat the cake.  Overall, I thought it was a good party for a 13 year old who is torn between being “grown-up” and enjoying childhood.